Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Stimulating Conversation Carried Out During the Completion of a New York Times Crossword Puzzle


"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, eight letters."

"Baseboard is nine."


"By the way, darling, have you tried this coffee yet?"

"No, I haven't sipped it."

"It's divine."

"Well, I'm sure, you were behind the preparation."

"That's very well not what I meant. Thirty seven, catacombs? It's just a good roast."


"Where, twenty-two up?"

"No, that's the roast. Guatamalan."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were talking about... oh, Garland. Twelve down is Garland. And Guatamalan is the country of origin, not the roast. The roast describes how long it was roasted for, you know."


"I know it's Guatamalan. But the roast is interesting, it's a tad bit lighter than usual."


"Yes, really."

"No, ten down is really."

"Aha! Wonderful, darling."

"You're right about the coffee, it is nice."


"Do you think... ten up?"



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